2022 Schedule – closed for the season



Due to a very busy first two days, we have decided that we need to close for the 2022 season in order to ensure that we have an adequate supply of trees available for next year. We are sorry to miss those who were planning to come tomorrow and hope to see you next year. Merry Christmas, all!

Tree Varieties: Canaan Fir, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, and White Pine, and a small number of Concolor Fir.

Pricing: Most trees in the field will be a flat price of $75, with the exception of roughly 50 premium trees in the 8.5′-10′ height range that will be individually priced from $80-$100, depending on height. These premium trees (most located in three rows near the front of the farm, with a few on the back side of the farm where the wagon ride drops off) will have white tags, marked with the height, type and price. If you choose one of these trees, please tear off the bottom half of the tag to present at the building when you pay. There will also be a small section of Blue Spruce which will be offered at a slight discount. We are offering a $5 discount per tree if you pay with cash.

General Info:

The complimentary wagon ride will take you to the back side of the farm where there are Canaan Firs of all sizes.

Some pre-cuts at various sizes and prices will be available on a rack near the entrance.

To assure that no mixups occur, we will have some tags and ribbon available that you can write your name and vehicle type and color on to attach to your tree after you make your selection. With all of that information, after shaking and wrapping it, we will be able to deliver your tree to your vehicle even if you are separated from your tree.

Educational Note: Last year, some folks asked about brown needles remaining on the inner branches on some of the trees in the field, especially Douglas fir. After a few hard frosts and then some wind, these needles will naturally drop off and fall to the ground, but some years, this natural process doesn’t happen until late December/early January. There is nothing wrong with these trees, it’s just that nature hasn’t had time yet for them to drop. But no need to worry, our shaker will speed up the process and remove most or all of the old needles.

About Us

We are a choose and cut Christmas tree farm, in operation since 1987.  Our mission is to not only provide your family with a beautiful Christmas tree, but to help make wonderful holiday memories to be cherished throughout the generations.

Gary and Kelly Benjamin


Phone: 410-299-1166